Maroon Fish


This piece is made by a process called Kiln Formed Glass. It has a lot of texture, has some transparency and looks stunning with light shining through. How it was made: The first step is to sculpt a clay fish. I have to be very careful that all the detailed cuts in the clay, splay outward so that the glass won't get stuck into the eventual mold. Once the clay fish is dry, I pour a mold mixture over the top. After that hardens, I dig the clay out of the mold and clean it really well. Now I'm ready to put glass frit (small pieces of glass) into the mold. I added various colors and also used clear as I wanted to keep some transparency so light could shine through. I put the mold back into the kiln 3 times and added more glass each time. On the last run, I set the temperature lower so that the glass wouldn't melt completely in- I wanted it to have a primitive look and add texture as well. Finally after the last kiln run, I had to take a hand held grinder tool over all the edges to get rid of any sharp glass.

As you can see, this piece was very labor intensive, but it was worth all the work, I love the final piece. With my art, I don't always love the finished work, this one, I do! I hope you like it as well.